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In 2000, realising that there was a market for high quality cakes individually created for specific celebrations and not simply something to be chosen off a supermarket shelf, I started trading as ‘Novelty Cakes!’. My aim was to create cakes to make a real impact and to add a sparkle to any celebration. At the same time, commercial production now means that many people have forgotten how moist and delicious a true cake is and many young people have never experienced one at all! I was determined from the start that my cakes would taste as cakes should taste! My cakes would be special in every way!

Since then, I have created many hundreds of cakes, both formal and informal, for every conceivable type of event. Very many of my customers return to me regularly and recommend their friends, colleagues and relatives. They know that I will create a special cake – just for them – and will not simply expect them to choose a set design from a catalogue.

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