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Hi there! I’m Oliver 🙂

I’m married to Helene, we have a cat called Harry – he’s somewhat temperamental but that’s another story – and I write speeches. Professionally!

I’ve been a best man three times and an MC twice.

To be 100% honest with you, the first speech I ever gave was a total train wreck. Really. Probably not something to admit on a speech writing service you might think, but here’s the thing…

After that traumatic – please swallow me up – experience, I decided I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Heck no.

From that point on, I was going to become a speech ninja! I would read every book. Watch every YouTube video. Go to Toastmasters. Take online courses. Dissect great speeches. I became obsessed with speeches and in the process, they became a passion. So much so, I started a website about it!

Check it out – Iamthebestman.co.uk – you can get a lot of my learnings for free.

The thing is, I love writing speeches, and my tight-knit, highly-skilled ex-journalist team also love writing speeches.

We’ve been featured in publications including ShortList, The Gentleman’s Journal and Esquire as guest experts in best man speech writing and we’re here to write you a match-winning speech.

Get in touch using the form on the side and I’ll write back to you within 24 hours.

In the meantime, here are some questions you may have.

Why use a professional speech writer?

Writing and delivering a best man’s speech is daunting. You’ve got to be funny and charming enough to win over the entire wedding party. And you need to be edgy enough to win a laugh or two, without taking it too far.

There are some people there you know. Others you don’t. Finding the right balance is tricky.

And then there is wedding etiquette. What to say, what not to say, and in what order.

You know you’ve got to say some nice things about the happy couple but need to make it heartfelt rather than clichéd.

With all the people to please, writing the best man’s speech can feel like a bit of a minefield!

And it takes time too! Which busy people with families and commitments don’t have in abundance.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We know the etiquette. We know the formula that works.

We’ll consult with you in person, use our experience of writing literally 1000s of speeches and ensure you’re placed you not just in the good camp but in the great, knock it out of the park, camp.

What do you get?

As part of our speech writing service you will get:

  1. A bespoke speech tailored to your requirements so it is highly personalised and relevant
  2. A tried and tested structure to make your words flow and cover all necessary wedding etiquette
  3. A speech written to suit your sense of humour so it seems natural and authentic
  4. Time! We do all the hard yards so you can concentrate on your other best man duties
  5. Our experience of knowing what works, what is original and what is now old hat
  6. A direct line to your Speechwriter who you can talk to!
  7. Finally, I also offer a money-back guarantee. I want every single client to receive a match-winning speech and so if you don’t like the speech at the end of the process, then you simply don’t pay.

What do best men who’ve used our service say?

“I had a best man speech that needed to be written and the wedding was fast approaching.

I called Oliver, and from the outset he explained the process and the costs involved, I was expecting a few week’s wait but he turned the speech around in 48 hours, he was also happy to make adjustments where needed and changed a couple of the jokes to make them more relevant to my audience.

I have shown the speech to friends and they agree it’s fantastic. Oliver is very thorough and professional, this is demonstrated in the fact he provides an online questionnaire before he begins to write the speech to really understand what you require.

I now have every confidence going into the wedding and can finally relax. Thank you so much, you have been a true life saver.“

Johnny Howard, Sep 2022

What now?

Simply get in touch using the form or via Iamthebestman.co.uk and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to talk you through the process in further detail.

Address: London - North, North London
Country: United Kingdom
Listing Id: 20048
Price: £ 249

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