Shabang Car Hire

£ 195
Lymm, Cheshire,
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Giovanna Perin

Phone:(305) 555-4555

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Shabang Car Hire is a wedding transportation service operating out of Lymm, England. Chris offers so much Choice you name it we have it the White Wedding car Section, the Classics, the 7 Seater vehicles, the Classic Brandwith, Camper Van, limos, Hummers, and the Electric 7 seater Tesla. Wanting some thing different we have the Mustangs, the all American Classic Cadillac style cars. I like it offer couples a fun and distinctive method for arriving at their wedding with the 2016 Ford Mustang GT. Featuring a powerful V8 engine, a ruby-red pearlescent finish, and several modifications, this vehicle ensures an unforgettable arrival or exit for weddings and other events.

Services Offered

Prior to your special day, Shabang Car Hire will discuss all the details related to schedules, pick-up and drop-off locations, road closure possibilities, and more. Chris knows that weddings often come with their fair share of stress, and he strives to provide an experience that’s as seamless as possible. When choosing this car-hire service for your event, you can enjoy your favourite music while travelling and will have plenty of time to take photos.

Address: Lymm, Cheshire
Country: United Kingdom
Listing Id: 19874
Price: £ 195