The Event Flag Hire Company LTD

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Wincanton, Somerset
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Giovanna Perin

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The Event Flag Hire Company Ltd. are based out of Somerset, England, and provide bespoke bunting and flag décor for wedding occasions. Couples seeking creative and unique decorations to complement their marquee or festival-style celebrations will delight in this company’s handcrafted designs. From indoor, outdoor, and customised flags to colorful, vintage bunting, you can hire or purchase a range of products. Each item is ethically crafted in the heart of the South West.


Services Offered

Prospective newlyweds can choose from a number of packages or design their own personalised plan. You can choose from a range of colour swatches to find the perfect flag or bunting for your special day. A snapshot of sleeved flags includes new leaf, silk & ribbon, half-moon petal, Indian summer, and dragon tail. Beautiful bunting comes in a range of styles such as oversized rainbow, ribbons, pastels, glamorous bling, and sari drapes. The team provides expert guidance for installing and erecting the flag poles and flags. They will match their products to your colour scheme and they can print unique, custom designs depending on your wishes. Other products supplied by The Event Flag Hire Company Ltd. include:

  • Bamboo structures
  • Lighting
  • Festival-themed decorations
  • Delivery and installation assistance
Address: Wincanton, Somerset
Country: United Kingdom
Listing Id: 19645
Price: £ 216

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